Zika Problem, Swine Flu Complicate Brazil’s Woes


Barely few months to the 2016 summer Olympic in Rio de Janiero, the nation of Brazil had been grappling from the menace of the Zika virus, in the midst of this there has been an outbreak of another epidermic disease in the South American nation.

The outbreak of Type A of the H1N1 virus has killed 46 people in less than two months in Brazil. That is 10 times the figure for all of 2015, the Health Ministry said.

Rio the city to host the Games from August 5-21 was the first fatality as it was reported on Thursday by the nation’s health care authorities.

The situation has worsened, in March 19, 305 cases was reported in Sao Paolo region, the economic and financial engine of the now struggling South American powerhouse.

People have been waiting in line for more than three hours outside some hospitals to get vaccinated.

In Brazil the H1N1 virus has normally appeared in recent years between May and July when temperatures are cooler.

But this year it has caught health authorities by surprise as it began in February.

It is not clear why, but many doctors say it stems from Brazilians who traveled to the northern hemisphere in the first months of the year.

A major H1N1 outbreak sparked a pandemic alert in June 2009, after the virus emerged from and the .

The epidemic killed around 18,500 people in 214 countries. The alert was lifted in August 2010.

From late last year Brazil had been mostly hit by the Zika virus outbreak. The virus has been blamed for birth defects in babies born of women infected with the virus, which is carried by mosquitos.






Source: The Guardian

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