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Wrong Timing For The New Electricity Tariff


The Executive Governor of Niger State Alhaji on Tuesday defended the interest of the common and low income earner in the country when he said that the new recently introduced was wrong and should be scrapped immediately.

The Governor made the declaration when he received the management and staff of the Abuja Electricity Development Company led by its Chairman, Alhaji at house, explained that the timing of the increase in tariff was wrong because most Nigerians were grappling with a serious economic predicament.

He said aside from this, consumers have not really enjoyed the services to their satisfaction and this could make them reluctant to pay the new tariff imposed on them.

‘The issue of tariff is a national issue. It is not peculiar to Niger state alone. I think it came at the wrong time because Niger state is a place where people depend on the . Unfortunately now that has no money it has a negative impact on everyone and more so payment of the new tariff made it worse because people cannot pay for what they didn’t consume’.






Source: Thisday

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