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US Advice Nigeria On Economic Growth, Human Right and Governance


The United States Permanent Representative to the United Nations Ambassador Samantha Power, met with President on Wednesday at the Presidential Villa in Abuja, .

She expressed appreciation over the present administration’s war against terrorism and insurgency and President Buhari’s effort to strengthen ’s military and its recent success against Boko Haram.

Samantha expressed United State’s readiness to strengthen its partnership with Nigeria to bolster this campaign.

She did emphasizes the need to further the strengthen the military and promote programme that will aid economic growth, strengthen governance, political inclusion, and respect for .

She noted that this mirrored the Buhari administration’s priorities of security, economic growth, and democratic accountability. The ?ambassador also previewed her trip to northeastern Nigeria on April 22.

She expressed sadness on the acute humanitarian crisis in the northeast and urged the government of Nigeria and the international community to take urgent action to address widespread malnutrition among displaced populations.

Power emphasized the importance of ensuring that conditions in northeastern Nigeria improve prior to efforts to facilitate the voluntary return of .

Ambassador Power conveyed President Obama’s desire to strengthen the ties between the Nigerian and American people and to advance our bilateral relationship in critical areas, including trade and investment.




Source: Dailypost

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