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UNICEF Projects African Population Growth To 2.4 Billion People By 2050

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It is very true that social innovation and entrepreneurship in Africa are catalysts for . projects that by 2050, the is expected to grow to 2.4 billion , with the vast majority under 35 years old.

Catering for this population will require catalytic innovations in health, education, agriculture, transportation, water management, energy, sanitation, and housing.

While there are emerging social innovators and entrepreneurs on the African Continent, they struggle with scaling and replicating their initiatives, sustaining them in the face of weak funding and intellectual property frameworks, fostering cross-sector partnerships, and measuring impact.

This study group will explore:

  1. the landscape for social innovators and entrepreneurs on the African Continent
  2. the challenges that confront them
  3. opportunities for accelerating their impact
  4. the role of the public, private sector, academic, and civil society in fostering the emergence of more social innovators and entrepreneurs

Ndidi Nwuneli, a Nigerian social entrepreneur, will lead the study group and will also invite social innovators and entrepreneurs who are active in Africa to share their perspectives on this important issue.


Source: Harvard Kennedy School



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