UNICEF- Huge Rise In Child Suicide Bombers


According to the United nation Children Emergency Fund’s Report there’s been more trained child suicide bomber, over the last year one in five suicide attacks now done by children

Girls, who are often drugged, were behind three-quarters of such attacks committed by the militant Islamist group in Cameroon, Nigeria and Chad.

It is an 11-fold increase with four attacks in 2014 compared to 44 the next year, including January 2016.

The change in tactics reflects the loss of territory in Nigeria by the group.

The seven-year insurgency, which has mainly affected north-eastern Nigeria as well as its neighbours around Lake Chad, has left some 17,000 people dead.

The UN child agency says up to 1.3 million children have been forced from their homes across Cameroon, Chad, Nigeria and Niger.

According to UN report the second anniversary of the kidnapping of the 200 girls approaches, it would be recalled that about 200 girls from Nigerian town of were kidnapped by the sect on  the night of April 14-14 2014.

Their abduction sparked the global campaign Bring Back Our Girls, but none of the girls have yet been found.

The report, Beyond , says that boys abducted and recruited into Boko Haram’s ranks are forced to attack their own families to demonstrate their loyalty.

Girls are exposed to severe abuse including and forced marriage to fighters.

Boko Haram, which means “ is forbidden”, has often targeted schools during its insurgency.




Source: BBC News

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