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Uncertainties In The National Assembly


An uproar is looming in the between the  presiding officers and the of the over three months unpaid salaries of official aides.

Both the presiding offi­cers and principal officers were permitted by the Rev­enue Mobilization, Fiscal and Allocation Commission () to appoint specific number of aides who were placed on consolidated scale of remuneration.

It was gathered that the had found it very difficult to pay aides’ salaries and that of established workers since the beginning of the 8th assembly, this is due to paucity of .

It was learnt that the last time political aides, appointed by the presiding and principal officers, received their salaries was in December, while those who were given letters of appointment since January were yet to be paid a dime.

What is fueling the crisis, according to a National As­sembly source, was the re­jection of a proposal by the management to the principal officers to reduce the numbers of aides.






Source: The Sun

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