UK-Based Nigerian Man Sentenced To Life In Prison


, the 22-year-old Nigerian man who stabbed his mother to death, and had learned to walk in high heels as part of an elaborate plan to impersonate her after he had killed her was found “guilty of  by reason of diminished responsibility, due to mental health issues” after a trial last year.

Ever since then, he had been in a secure hospital for psychiatric assessment to decide “whether his mental condition rendered him a danger to the public.”

Tolu Kalejaiye

Tolu Kalejaiye – Emmanuel’s late mother

The case was re-presented in on Thursday, and he was subsequently sentenced to life in with a minimum of 15 years and three months.

Judge Christopher Ball, who presided over the case said: ‘This was an horrific killing. You drew up plans to kill her, over weeks, if not months, and to dispose off the body.’

Ball added that mental illness played a part in the killing and said Kalejaiye would receive treatment in jail.

Photo Credit: Eastnews Press Agency

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