UAE Introduces Kiosk Insurance To Residents

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Residents in the (UAE) with annual essential will soon be able to renew their policy with a single swipe of their National ID or insurance card at kiosks in Petrol pumps or shopping mall through their credit card.

The policy is renewable on the website of .

Director of health funding at the (DHA) Dr. Haidar Al Yousuf told Gulf News that the good news is that essential health benefit package for has reduced from DH625-Dh700 per annum to Dh560-Dh650 per annum even as the insurance get widened and everyone get covered

He explained: “In case of domestic help the sponsors will find it very easy to renew their insurance by simply going to such a kiosk as we are working on smartness of design to smoothen operations in this sector.”

This is among the many positive steps that are on the anvil to streamline the health insurance sector, said Dr Yousuf, who praised the new law on health insurance fees and penalties issued by the Dubai Executive Council Resolution (7) of (2016) as a positive step.



Source: Inspen

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