insurance premium

With effect from October 1,  2012, it will become an offence for any insurance company to provide insurance cover without collecting the insurance premium due. Similarly, insurance brokers shall notify insurance companies within 48hours of receiving insurance premium collected from clients (policyholders). Failure to do so makes such broker liable to  fine of N250,000 in [...]


Insurance premiums are constantly on the rise, but here are some tips you can adopt to save money on your auto insurance in Nigeria without necessarily compromising quality and service: Think about installing an anti-theft device on your car. If you have a tracker fixed in your vehicle, you can request your insurance company to offer you additional [...]

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Excuse # 8:  ‘I don’t need it; it is sheer waste of money’!  To this set of people, insurance is a waste of their hard-earned money. They hinge their belief on the reasoning that insurance only benefits those who have misfortunes. Since they are always careful to avoid any form of mishap, they reason that [...]