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President Buhari Sets New World Record


President has again put Nigeria into the global scene by challenging Nigerians to brace up for more sufferings.

Despite having a sitting President who doubles as the substantive Petroleum Minister,  Buhari has written his name in the Guinness Book of World Record having been the only president in the world that recorded the longest queues in filling stations and generated zero Megawatts of .

Temper seems to be high, hope tumbles like a pack of cards, the change mantra of the All Progressives Congress, , has become a rocket science, as angry Nigerians who defied rain and sun shine to vote for President Buhari have now been subjected to serious economic hardship.

The shout of “Sai Baba” under the present economic down turn has become suicidal as the “e-rodent,” and “electronic rag sheet” have gone into hiding. This new world record set by Buhari does not need any celebration.

From the commercial city of Lagos, through Abuja, to other major cities across the country, the story has been the same as motorists spend hours and days queuing to buy petrol, a product that ordinarily should be available at the remotest villages in the country if Nigeria has been blessed with a visionary leader.

It was learnt that Nigerians have lost hope having been subjected to excruciating pains for going through weeks without and Fuel.

The Fuel scarcity is biting harder as motorists queue for hours and pass nights at filling stations in search of petrol. The queue circles stretched into tens of kilometers especially in NNPC filling stations.

Many commuters are now stranded at different bus stops especially in the nation’s capital, Abuja due to lack of vehicles. The few ones that are plying the road jerked up their fares by 50 percent.

This chaotic situation has prompted black marketers to cash in on the situation by selling fuel at exorbitant rates to motorists.

are crumbling; the masses can no longer afford three square meals a day. Unemployment has gotten to a breaking point. The nation is at a standstill as hope gradually fades away, paving way for gloom and doom fuel and dollar scarcity.






Source: Post Nigeria

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