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Power Generation Drops To Record 1,580MW


The nation’s power generation has dropped to all-time low of 1,580 (MW), thereby dampening hopes of early resolution of the nation’s power supply crisis, the Transmission Company of Nigeria () made this confirmation yesterday.

The power generation slide, which was earlier attributed to gas pipeline vandalism, was said to have been accentuated by the on-going in the nation’s power sector.

The epileptic supply had a negative trend  on commercial and domestic activities, consumers continued to wallow under the intense heat and business collapse, even as fuel scarcity has blighted private power generation.

The power allocation data as at yesterday showed that Ikeja received 234.09 MW; Abuja, 181.77MW; Eko, 173.87MW; Benin, 142.25MW; Enugu, 142.25MW; Ibadan 205.48; Jos, 86.93MW; Kano, 126.45MW; Kaduna, 126.45MW; Port Harcourt, 102.74MW and Yola Disco got 55.32MW accordingly.

The drop in power generation started last week after the nation recorded about 4200MW on daily average, from the peak generation of 5074MW on February 3.




Source: Guardian

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