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Policeman’s Wife Stabs Neighbour In lagos


One Mrs. Desola Ochoche wife to a policeman, stabbed by neighbor Olaitan Ayobami after a scuffle ensued between them. They both reside in Etunrere Street, Ikorodu Lagos state.

Ochoche was said to have stabbed her victim after accusing her of laughing at her and consequently fled the residence afterwards.

Ayobami who was badly wounded was later rushed to an unnamed private hospital in the area.

According to report, residents waded in and settled the matter on Monday, only for the fight to resume very early on Tuesday when Ayobami, a teacher, wanted to bathe. They were said to have started another drama of calling each other names.

Ochoche laid ambush for her victim while she was on her way to school with her children and stabbed her on her head and hand.

Speaking from her hospital bed, Ayobami said she wanted Ochoche to be brought to book, adding that she was still in pain.

Meanwhile, Ochoche was eventually arrested by policemen from the Igbogbo Division, but released a few hours later.

According to Ayobami, “On Saturday, I left my phone in my kitchen and when I went back to pick it, I found it inside water. I wanted to challenge Iya Oby (Ochoche), but my husband warned me not to do so because I didn’t have evidence. On Sunday, she started singing abusive songs against me, but I did not reply.

“At a point, I laughed and she became angry. She poured water on me and we fought. While I was going to the bathroom on Tuesday morning, she attacked me and we fought again. Her husband and other neighbours separated us and warned her to let peace reign.

“I was going to school when she attacked me in the corridor and stabbed me with a shard of bottle.

“Her husband, who is a policeman, took her to the Igbogbo division, but she has been released. I want her to be charged to court.”

On her part, Ochoche admitted stabbing Ayobami, saying that it was a revenge action after Ayobami had earlier inflicted injury on her and hurling abusive words on her.

She said, “She would accuse me of flirting around just because I am not employed. It is true I stabbed her but she had used something to injure me in the face while we were fighting around 6am on Tuesday. I revenged so that she would know she cannot intimidate me.”

The of the house who plead anonymity, said the two of them had been at loggerhead for a long time. He said he had intervened on several occasions and served their husbands notices to quit when the fight persisted.

The said, “I have called them several times and talked to them, including their husbands. I gave them notices to quit in January when the fight was going out of hand.

The spokesperson the two of them injured each other and they had released Ochoche so that the both of them can go and take care of themselves.


Source: Daily Post

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