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Paris: Obama Lays Rose In Tribute To Victims


Barack Obama has paid tribute to the victims of the terror attacks – laying a single white rose outside the Bataclan theatre.

The US president landed at Orly airport in ahead of climate talks just before midnight on Sunday and his motorcade took an unexpected route along the River Seine.

Mr Obama headed straight to the Bataclan in northeast Paris where he was accompanied by French President Francois Hollande and Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo, walking side-by-side to a makeshift memorial at the venue.

Each laid a single white rose to the hundreds of tokens of remembrance at the concert hall.

The three bowed their heads for a long moment of silence, paying tribute to the 130 people who died in the worst attack on French soil in more than half a century.

Barack Obama, Francois Hollande and Anne Hidalgo

The two presidents and mayor of Paris left the memorial together

Mr Obama walked back towards his car with his arms around the shoulders of Mr Hollande and Ms Hidalgo.

France is still in a state of emergency after the attacks – in which terrorists loyal to opened fire or set off bombs at seven locations across the city.

French have carried out hundreds of raids across the country and an unprecedented security operation has been mounted for climate talks taking place in Paris.





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