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T.B Joshua “Doomed To Fail,” Malawi’s President Exclaimed

Malawi president, Pastor TB Joshua

The President of , , on Sunday attacked Nigerian prophet TB Joshua over an alleged prophecy.

The alleged prophesy claims that the Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe and will die before April 1.

Mutharika said that Joshua is going to fail. He said that what happened in 2012 was not going to happen again this year.

In 2012, Mr Joshua reportedly predicted the death of a president of an unnamed southern African country. Mr Mutharika’s brother, Bingu, who was president at the time, did die within the predicted timeframe, giving the prophesy strong currency in .

Mutharika did not say when or where Joshua made the latest prophesy but is questioning Joshua’s credentials as a prophet, pointing to the collapse of a guesthouse in his sprawling (SCOAN) in Lagos in September 2014, which left 116 people dead, mostly South Africans.

Mutharika labelled the preacher a liar who just wants to raise money.  Mutharika said that he will be around in 2019 for the elections in Malawi and in 2024 where if he is reelected he will wrap up his term of rule.

In January, the preacher made a televised prophecy, telling his congregation to pray for the leaders in , saying: “End of February to April this year, peculiar months for .





Source: Ventures Africa

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