Nigeria: Twitter Suspends Tambuwal For Supporting ISIS


Hassan Tambuwal, a Nigerian living in the , has been suspended by Twitter following his express support for (ISIS) attack on .

The Nigerian, who is known to be an ardent supporter of Liverpool football club, was reported to the UK following his caustic comments via his Twitter account.

Tambuwal, whose twitter account was Hassan_Anfield (@hassan_tambuwal), tweeted after the attack that he was ready to die. He also praised those who carried out the attack, which left over 35 people dead.

He was also in support of ISIS terrorists who were responsible for the death of about 130 people in what was regarded as the deadliest ISIS attack in Europe.

He said in one of his tweets, that Germany, Denmark and UK were next, adding that “every soul shall taste death”.

“Job done, Paris and now Brussels…Amsterdam, Vienna, Berlin, London, Warsaw, Copenhagen, Madrid, Budapest…next target. Long live (IS),” he said in a tweet.

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