The National Insurance Commission (), through its Complaints Bureau, has facilitated the settlement of claims to by Insurance Companies to the tune of N1,220,645,790.09 in the first half of 2012. A total number of 52 cases were concluded by the Bureau during the period.

The Complaints Bureau dealt with a total number of 349 cases and held four meetings. Out of this figure, 86 of them were fresh complaints while the remaining (263) are existing/ongoing cases. Complaints received in 2012 were from individual policy holders, beneficiaries, government agencies, SERVICOM, Legal Aid Council and Public Complaints Commission and involved non settlement of claims on Motor Insurances, Marine, Life, Bond Issues and Pension matters.

The resort to the Bureau for settlement of claims disputes by the insuring public is an indication of the level of awareness of this window of dispute resolution. Insurance Companies have also accepted that it is no longer business as usual. They must pay genuine claims.

Observers have commended for putting smiles on the faces of suffering insureds and rekindling the confidence of Nigerians in insurance.

Reports have it that most of the cases that are reported to the Complaints Bureau are disputed cases between the insurance companies and the . However, the Commission does not act on cases before the Law Courts as they are subjudice.


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