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NAICOM Reveals Plan To Create Additional Jobs


In a bid to help reduce unemployment rate in the country, the National Insurance Commission () is set to create additional through the creation of the new branches in 12 states.

According to the Commissioner for Insurance, Alhaji Mohammed Kari, this would bring more state governments and the populaces into the insurance web.

The commission presently operates four zonal offices and a control office in Lagos.

Kari noted that the insurance sector is indeed a key component of the Nigerian financial system considering that in most developed jurisdictions, the insurance sector accounts for a significant portion of the .

He posited that as an emerging and transitional and in line with the change agenda of the federal government, the relevance of the insurance industry becomes more critical as a provider of capital, and security.

He maintained that as the country’s economy continues to develop, and with the attendant risks involved in economic expansion and growth, it is indeed imperative to consider the role of insurance as an important determinant to progress and development.

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