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Liberian President Appoints Her Son Head Of Central Bank

Charles Sirleaf
The board of ’s central bank has elected son of president as its interim governor.
who served as the deputy governor of the bank has worked for the bank for 12 years.
He takes over from Joseph Mills Jones who left to prepare his candidacy for the country’s presidential elections slated for 2017.
A source close to the presidency confirmed the temporary appointment, without giving an indication of how long he would remain.
President Ellen Sirleaf has faced growing criticism over her appointment of family members and close allies to key posts, a move seen as a plan to consolidate her position in the presidency.
“This appointment is unfair. It is not about qualifications, but about expediency,” said Emmanuel Gonquoi, a political commentator.
However, central bank officials stressed that was a suitable choice.
Source: nigerianewsupdate

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