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Information: Insurance Consumers’ Bill Of Rights & Responsibilities


The Insurance Consumers Association of Nigeria () was formed to protect the interests of Insurance Consumers in Nigeria & to expose the immense to the Nigerian populace. Objectives include:

1) To speak for the Aggrieved on Insurance
2) To educate the public on Insurance
3) To safeguard the Insurance premium
4) To secure value for the premium paid
5) To support the Insurance Industry to grow
6) To provide Insurance Information & Statistics
7) To create Job Opportunities in Insurance
8) To manage Volunteer Insurance Crusaders


– The Right to Redress

– The Right to Choose

– The Right to be Heard

– The Right to Protection

– The Right to be Informed

– The Right to Prompt Service


– The Responsibility to help Control Losses

– The Responsibility to observe Utmost Good Faith

– The Responsibility to Comply with Policy Provisions

– The Responsibility to Report Accurate Loss Information

– The Responsibility to Update and Keep Accurate Records

– The Responsibility to Avoid and Report Fraudulent Practices




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