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Impedement To Achieving Sustainable Development Goal In Nigeria


At the United Nations seminar for sustainable development goal in New York in September, 2015. The outcomes which resulted in the 17 global goals for sustainable development known as “ (SDGs).” This new global initiative unanimously succeed the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) will run till 2030. The aim is to create prosperity for people in safe planet.

In achieving success in goals 3, 7, 11 of SDGs which include good health and well being, affordable and clean energy,sustainable cities and communities and climate action respectively will depend on our effective practices going forward.

The impediment to these goals is the open burning of garbage in open pits, outdoor furnaces, barrels and communal open waste dump-site by household and individual or the entire communities.

Open burning of garbage refers to burning of garbage in open pits, outdoor furnaces, barrels and communal open by individual households or entire communities.

With Nigeria’s exponential population growth and general changing consumption patterns, solid will continue to pose as a big issue considering the very poor systems in existence in most cities in Nigeria.

Essentially, open burning of garbage is popular where open burning bylaws are not enforced or absent and garbage collection systems are weak or non-existent.

Open burning of refuse poses serious environmental and for people directly exposed to emitted smoke. Children, the elderly and people with sensitive respiratory systems are especially affected. Medical experts have determined that short term exposures can cause headaches, nausea and rashes with increased risk of health disease over time.





Source: The Guardian

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