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‘If Buhari Rigs Re-run, I Will Use One Punch To Send Him To The Grave While I Corner Amaechi For Serious Beating,’ Wike Boasts


Saturday’s rerun national and state legislative elections may involve bloodshed in if reports emanating from Governor Nyesom Wike’s speech are to go by.

Wike had boasted how he roundly defeated the All Progressives Congress in the last general elections and gave an insight to how , was lazy about in before he came to rescue him and brought him to be Governor, yet the Minister talks carelessly.

According to the Governor, attended four to five secondary schools before he had a certificate, yet brags about the ministry Buhari gave to him when Fashola and the likes do not.

Wike has alleged that APC are collecting result sheets, and have also sent list of INEC returning officers. In his words, “When they finish writing the vote we will see how they submit it and while trying to submit, anything they see let them take,” the Governor boasted.

Nyesom Wike also said that it is the prayer of the Rivers people that they continue to change Commissioner of Police until all the CPs in Nigeria work in River State. Although a policeman was last week beaten, the Governor had lambasted Amaechi on how he ordered the beating of a police officer and described Amaechi as mentally deranged.

He warned that River state is not for sale and also said he promised God that if he forgives him, he will not watch with his two eyes open anybody rob the people the choice to choose who governs them and he stands by what he has said over and over again.

The Governor said, “If you will be used to rig this election you better write your will before coming out on Saturday.”

He has promised to send President Muhammadu Buhari to his ancestors with only few punches, and stated that he comes from Ikwerre with Amaechi, someday, he will meet him in the alley or corner of the street and will cause him to summersault several times before he lands on the ground.

Already, there is fear and unease in the state ahead of the rerun election scheduled for tomorrow.





Source: Secretsreporter

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