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Donald Trump Defends His ‘Made In China’ Suits And Ties


Republican front runner for president, Donald Trump, has made trade a key 2016 campaign theme.

Donald Trump blasts companies like and Apple for manufacturing products outside the United States. He even threatened to stop eating Oreo cookies after he learned some production was moving to Mexico.

But Trump does the same thing. Many of his products are made outside the United States. Most Donald J. Trump ties are made in . Some Donald J. Trump suits are also made in .

Trump doesn’t dispute this.

“I talk about my ties in speeches. I’m open. I say my ties many times are made in ,” Trump told CNN’s Jake Tapper.

The top five countries that America imports clothing from are China (by far the leader), India, Vietnam, Pakistan and Mexico. “It’s very hard to have apparel made in this country,” Trump said.

“I want to see the day in the not too distant future where Apple (AAPL, Tech30) makes it phones in this country,” Trump said recently at a campaign stop in Portland, Maine.

Trump says he will “make the greatest trade deals we’ve ever made in our country.”

He wants to put a tax on Chinese and Mexican goods like clothing coming into the United States to level the playing field and bring back middle class jobs. He’s said the tax could be as high as 35 or 45%.

Economists warn this would ignite a trade war and could cause a recession. China and Mexico and possibly other nations would respond by putting on U.S. . It would also make a lot of everyday items more expensive for Americans.





Source: CNN

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