Domestic Violence- Who’s To Blame?


Domestic violence is the willful intimidation, physical assault, battery, sexual assault, and/or other abusive behavior as part of a systematic pattern of power and control perpetrated by one intimate partner against another. It includes physical violence, sexual violence, violence, and emotional abuse.

The frequency and severity of domestic violence can vary dramatically; however, the one constant component of domestic violence is one partner’s consistent efforts to maintain power and control over the other.

Domestic violence is an epidemic affecting individuals in every community, regardless of age, economic status, sexual orientation, gender, race, religion, or nationality. It is often accompanied by emotionally abusive and controlling behavior that is only a fraction of a systematic pattern of dominance and control.

Domestic violence can result in physical injury, trauma, and in severe cases, even death. The devastating physical, emotional, and consequences of domestic violence can cross generations and last a lifetime.

Understanding, tolerance, tender care and are the most important weapon to  combat this epidermi that have scattered so many homes and render the children vagabon.

Many times the woman always share the lion share of the blame on this negative trend, traditionally and religiously it is believed that when a home is peaceful, it is the work of the wife, but is this always true? Men too have got a role to play in the building of homes other than providing the basic .

Both men and women have got a role to play to avoid violence in the home and foster and amicableness. Women generally are weaker vessels so with understanding and they would blend and in doing this would reign in the home.


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