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Digital Marketing Plan For 2016: Business Owners

Digital marketing

As we prepare for the holiday and gradually shutting down for 2015, behind closed-doors, smart business owners are strategising for the coming year.

According to Ifesinachi Okpagu the planning is coming despite the depressing economic results marking the end of 2015. Many business owners are positive enough to look beyond the economic climate but instead turn towards seizing the numerous opportunities and media present to push to success.

For the smart business owner, how can a business position itself to succeed in 2016? What social networking and productivity tools will evolve for businesses? What trends will remain relevant in the coming year?

An interesting article written by Melonie Dorado for the Today Blog( where 13 digital marketing experts where interviewed on their predictions for 2016. The author summed up their predictions in interesting bullet points that are also relevant for the Nigerian business environment.

Below is a summary of the article presented by the author, as well as the thoughts of Ifesinachi Okpagu:

The public has a much higher expectation about the kinds of content they are consuming (quality and size).

What this means: Businesses focusing on creating relevant content targeted at specific markets will emerge winners throughout 2016. While many business owners are not equipped internally to achieve a great content marketing strategy, they can turn to the option of outsourcing content and digital marketing to businesses and individuals with related skills.

Businesses are re-evaluating and simplifying the tools they are using.

What this means: People are becoming more Internet and digital-savvy. They know what they want and how to get what they want at more affordable rates. Business owners should become more digital savvy to help reduce cost and maximise efficiency.

The barrier for entry for things like live streaming, video, 360-degree video and 3D experiences is quite low for both those creating the content as well as those consuming it.

What this means: Every business can curate its own content! This is good news for small businesses with little .

Live streaming and video are gradually gaining in popularity. Businesses need to take a hard look at finding ways they can incorporate these platforms to meet their business goals.

What this means: As explained before, it is not just what to use that is important, but how to use the tools you get to maximise results and reduce waste of resources.

If you are using live streaming or video in your business, you must have a strategy.

Video provides you with the ability to break that content down into other forms (like audio, text for a blog and images), which can be shared.

What this means: Less work for businesses as content can be recycled.

When creating video, businesses need to make sure they are creating videos that are engaging, snackable and suited for their platforms.

What this means: It is not about developing content randomly but understanding the target market and communicating well on your platform.

is a great way to fill your sales funnel. It is however not necessarily the best place for you to try to sell your products and services directly.

What this means: Social media gives you the opportunity to attract leads not necessarily to sell. The bulk of the work can be done offline or with other forms of follow up. This is very important for business owners.

Business are beginning to understanding that social media is not just a number game. More fans, followers and likes do not necessarily equal more sales. It is the relationships that are created with those fans and followers, which will produce an ROI.

What this means: We ,usually credit ‘followership’ to relevance and online success, but this is not so. Rather, business owners should focus on conversion rate – percentage of fans/followers converted to actual clients or those who will assist in making the brand go viral.

Summary by author – Your customers and your market want your perspective (whatever kind of content you are creating and sharing). This is a huge piece of the “know, like and trust” puzzle. Video and live streaming provides a unique and personal way for them to consume your message and interact with you on a much more personal level – a very different experience than just reading your article or social media posts.

These are interesting insights to help business owners to create their digital marketing plan for 2016. However, these points are only based on trends and are therefore not conclusive. It will be interesting to know your thoughts on these. Share additional comments or provide more insight into any of these points.




Source: Punch

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