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Claim Process When Accident Involves Two Cars


is a means whereby a person pays some sum of money, called premium, in order to indemnify self or property against loss of a belonging worth much more than the premium.

In Nigeria, motor is available with two different levels of cover: comprehensive and third party.

is designed to protect car owners against various risks associated with vehicle ownership. It cover is mandatory for all driving on Nigerian roads and vehicle owners can obtain their insurance covers directly from an or through an insurance broker.

However, in the case of an accident involving two cars, the person who is at fault should contact his to pay compensation to the other victim if he has just third party insurance for his car. But where he has comprehensive insurance, both car owners would be compensated. If the insurance is through a broker, the insured must contact the broker and inform him of the accident. If the insured got the insurance directly from an , the company must be contacted. It is only then that the can commence payment of to the insured or third party as the case may be.

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