Arisekola Calls For Saraki’s Resignation


Owing to the ongoing trial at the Code of Conduct Tribunal, the Chairman of the Association of Online Practitioners, Wole Arisekola has called on the Senate President Dr. to voluntarily resign his position. it would be recalled that Saraki had undergone series of trial for  alleged fraudulent declaration of assets during his tenure as Governor.

Arisekola said on Sunday in that presiding over the House while standing trial on corruption charges was tantamount to calling the integrity of the Senate to question.

He noted that the fact that the Senate “often winds down its seating whenever the trial comes up at the tribunal is also not healthy for the nation’s legislative process.”

“That is why I’m calling on him to resign so he can face his trial without holding the Senate to ransom.” Arisekola said.

He said whenever the case came up at the tribunal, every follower of the trial was shocked at the revelations on the alleged secrete deals of Saraki.

He said the senate president’s grip on the senate presidency is undermining the morality of the office.

He said, “As a two-term governor of and a second term senator, Saraki has a lot to gain by resigning honourably now, rather than waiting to be shoved aside after the tribunal might have indicted him.”



Source: Daily Post

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