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Animal Abuse: IDF Soldier Gets 4 Month Jail Term For Shooting Camel


A on Tuesday, January 26, sentenced an to four months in prison for shooting a camel with his gun while driving in a car with a fellow soldier from his unit. 

The combat soldier, in an elite unit, carried out the shooting while on vacation from the army. He was convicted of illegal use of his firearm and animal abuse. In addition to the four month prison term, he was also given a period of probation and he was demoted to the rank of private.

“The punishment reflects the seriousness with which the IDF views animal abuse, especially when carried out with military issued weapons,” the IDF spokesperson said.

The soldier in the vehicle with the shooter, who videotaped the attack with his cellular phone, was given a two month prison sentence, a period of probation, and he was also demoted in rank to private.



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