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12 TIPS To UNCOVER A Flood-Damaged Vehicle

Most Nigerians patronize second-hand vehicles popularly called “Tokunbo”  most of which are  imported into the country from Europe, the United States of America and Canada. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous car dealers sell flood-damaged vehicles to unsuspecting buyers.

Given the recent hurricane in the US and the flood disaster in some parts of Europe and Asia, buyers of second hand vehicles (Tokunboh) need to be more careful before parting with their money

In case you are getting ready to purchase that ‘dream’  Tokunboh vehicle, make sure you follow these tips before you part with your money.

  1. Check the vehicle records.  Verify the Vehicle Identification Number (Chassis Number) through:
  •  Carfax at HTTP://WWW.CARFAX.COM
  • AutoCheck at HTTP://WWW.AUTOCHECK.COM.NG , or
  • VinCheck at: // WWW.NICB.ORG

The service is FREE

2. Take the car to a mechanic. The mechanic can check the undercarriage for water damage, rust or debris from flood waters.

3. Inspect the vehicle for Water stains, mildew, sand or silt under the carpets, floor mats, headliner cloth or behind the dashboard

4. Check the Interior Uphostery and door panels for fading

5. Check the Door Speakers for any stains as they are often damaged as a result of flooding

6. Look under the Bonnet and engine compartment  for signs of oxidization, moldy smells, water stains, rust or debris

7.  Painstakingly inspect  the wires to check for signs of rust, water residue or corrosion

8.  Check the undercarriage for evidence of rust or flaking metal that wouldn’t normally be on newer vehicles.

9. Inspect the Wheels. Aluminium and alloys will have white powder and pitting corrosion (holes)

10. Patronize reputable dealers with good track record

11. Check for moisture, mildew or grime inside the Seatbelt Rretractos

12. Follow your instinct and don’t be too much in a hurry


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